We wish you a safe and healthy New Year! 

We invite you to read a message for the new year from Alyson, our local lay pastor

Wooden table with candles with words 'Abiding in Christ'

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This is a week where Christians around the world pray together for specific concerns. Resources for 2021 have been written by the community of Sisters at GrandChamp, Switzerland

Lord, you invite us to live for you;
you who care for us with so much love.
You call us to see the beauty of each branch united within the whole vine,
the beauty of each person.
Too often the differences in others make us afraid.
We withdraw into our own lives.
Our trust in you and one another is lost.
Come and direct our hearts toward you once again,
That as one family we may praise your name.

Abiding in Christ

Our local lay pastor, Alyson, has produced a short assembly video to introduce the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Some other ways to stay in touch as a church community.

We will continue meeting via Zoom on Sunday evenings, whilst there is no service at the church, at 7:45 for 8pm, with someone leading us in worship. There is also a Zoom meeting on Saturday mornings, for those missing our Saturday community coffee mornings. It is possible to join via telephone if you do not have the internet or a computer. If you would like to join in with either or both of these, please email, or phone 01904 425966.

For details of online services being streamed or viewable online, see York Methodist circuit summary of information and worship resources.

Tuesday: Together in Prayer 

Please do continue to pray for the situation and for those dealing with it, particularly our health services, and remember that we have faith in a God who is in control- even when the situation is difficult.

A prayer for us all during this pandemic:

Dear God,
This Coronavirus does not respect borders; it spreads from place to place; person to person.
It has brought grief, fear, hardship, suffering and isolation.

Dear God,
your love does not respect borders; it flows from place to place; person to person. 
It brings comfort, hope, justice, wholeness and community.

Dear God,
we pray for all those around the world whose lives, jobs, education and health are effected by coronavirus; 
Bring hope and strength for our local communities, businesses, schools, hospitals and care homes as we rediscover community and learn new ways of being carefully connected, caring for each other safely through the work of Tang Hall Foodbank and the staff and volunteers at Carecent

We pray in the name of Jesus, our peace and our Saviour.

(adapted from the Methodist Prayer Handbook 2020/21, p33 Conrad Hicks, Director of Global Relationships)

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